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Voluntary Partnership Agreements

Cameroon-EU VPA text and annexes [Download PDF]

Central African Republic-EU VPA text and annexes [Download PDF]

Ghana-EU VPA text and annexes [Download PDF]

Indonesia-EU VPA text and annexes [Download PDF]

Liberia-EU VPA text and annexes [Download PDF]

Republic of the Congo-EU VPA text and annexes [Download PDF]

EU regulations

FLEGT Action Plan

EU Timber Regulation

FLEGT Licensing Scheme Regulation

Implementing Regulation of the EU Timber Regulation

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Online resources

Illegal logging portal ( Hosted and maintained by Chatham House, this site provides information on illegal logging and the trade in illegal timber.

Logging off ( An online resource for information on Voluntary Partnership Agreements.

Cap4Dev FLEGT group ( Cap4Dev is the European Commission's primary knowledge sharing platform on development and external cooperation

European Commission's EU Timber Regulation website (

European Commission's illegal logging website (


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